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    Luongta Chanhpy Manivong visited Chonburi, Thailand

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    Luongta Chanhpy Manivong visited Chonburi, Thailand

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    Luongta meditated in the front of Buddhist tree in Thailand

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    Luongta visited Khu-Ba-Thuerng, Wat Ban Den in Chiangmai Thailand



In Citta and Sati Training, one must always and at all time contemplating that:-

Sunyata Buddho (One who knows)

Sunyata Dharmo (Truth)

Sunyata Sangho (One who examines)

If they say it is good - Let it be - Do not be pleased

If they say it is not good - Let it be - Do not be displeased

If they are not interested - Let it be - Do not be disappointed

Because whoever practises Dharma he/she will attain results

Listening and keep going - Do not be negligent

Take good care of your own duties - Do not be negligent

Maintain your awareness - For wisdom to develop

Empty Citta - Calm Citta - is the source of all happiness.

By the law of the Buddhism ,All the Bikkhus are called the Buddhist monks. We come to the Buddhist world. Then it is the same meaning, same feeling and same understanding of the body. Why? Because they know the body, not impermanent. The Buddha called "Annijja Vattasang Khara". It means the body has changed all the time, To be born, to be sick, to get old and to pass away. When we pass away, it looks like we have nothing even our body. It is left only the good things we have done in our life which will follow us anywhere, next life or forever. When the Buddhist monks come to visit each other, they will be happy to talk about the body which is by the Buddhist laws. It is called "Sankhara Dukkhang Anijjang" which means "Never be happy with the body" Why? Because the body is not permanent.

All the Dharma by the law of the Buddha teachings, it is not me, not your Dharma. None of anyone Dharma. It is only the Buddha Dharma. That I am happy to leave with you. How can make you be happy? Please enjoy.

All the life is subjected to the similar cycle of live. We are born and finally we pass away. No one can stop it. It is the natural law.

Written by Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21 March 1996
Wat Ban Den, ChiangMai