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    Luongta visited Paris in September 10, 1995

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    Luongta visited Paris in September 10, 1995

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    Luongta visited Chatour Der Vesile Palace in Paris.

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    Luongta visited Eifel tower in Paris, France

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    Luongta Chanhpy Manivong visited capital city of France (Paris)

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    Luongta Chanhpy Manivong visited capital city of France (Paris)

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    Luongta gave blessing bowl after end of 3 months rainy season

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    Luongta blessing bowl in Paris

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    Luongta blessing bowl in Paris

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    Luongta and Buddhamamaka free 5000 fish (ceremony of free fish)

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    Luongta and Buddhamamaka free 5000 fish (ceremony of free fish)


Dharma Tour in France

On 8th October 1995, I had the opportunity to return to visit Maha Khamphanh in Paris. At the same time, I had the opportunity to search for the reasons why Prince Siddhartha's real sufferings and the reasons why he left his wife, his concubines, his Kingdom, his Palaces where there was full of enjoyment.Having completed the tour of ‘Chateau de Versailles' both inside and outside, I rested in one of the gardens around the Chateau and began to examine what I have seen inside the Chateau. I started by examining the paintings and the statues of beautiful girls which were placed in every rooms of the Chateau including, the bedrooms, dining rooms and reception rooms as well as in most corners of the Chateau's gardens. These paintings and statues conveyed sensual pleasure. Having seen these paintings and statues, immediately I understood the causes of Prince Siddhartha's sufferings - everything he saw and heard all conveyed sensual pleasure. In addition to this, Prince Siddhartha's suffering increased even more because he had more than 60,000 concubines. (According to my rough estimate , about 2538 years ago, Prince Siddhartha's Palaces must have been much bigger than Chateau de Versailles.)

Arrom (sense objects) rises because of Tanha (craving). When our eyes see, it causes our craving to rise. We are craving for Rupa, Sadda, Ghanda, Rasa - Form, Sound, Smell, Taste. All of these are gathered in the Citta and then craving will rise as the final Arrom. Citta is the Principal who guides the Sankhara (Body) to Phodhabba (touch).

When touching has occurred, suffering will occur. The process will continue endlessly. If we do not have wisdom to combat these cravings, the Citta will be full of cravings which in turn will cause endless sufferings. This was the real cause of Prince Siddhartha's sufferings-sensual pleasure for 60,000 concubines. Prince Siddhartha suffered because of musical tunes, dancing every day and every night in almost everywhere in the Palace even in his bedroom.

Prince Siddhartha had four Palaces - one for each season of the year. Each Palace had a different atmosphere and temperature and different fragrant of flowers. No matter where he went, he could not escape from Rupa, Sadda, Gandha and Rasa which make him occupied all the time. He had no peace of mind. When realising that these sufferings were the causes of his mental decline, Prince Siddhartha had to find a way out so that he could find permanent happiness in life. No ordinary person could understand Prince Siddhartha's sufferings. While searching for a permanent happiness Prince Siddhartha used all the skills and knowledge he had learnt from so many teachers before in order to find ways out of these sufferings. He tried repeatedly to untangle these attachments. The more he tried the more he found that he could not escape from them. Finally, he had to escape.

Our sufferings have been with us since the day we were born. These sufferings keep adding up indefinitely as our Arrom keep creating them endlessly. This is why Lord Buddha taught us to keep practising Kammathana in order for wisdom to occur in our breathing which is the only method of conquering sufferings as our Sankhara is the source of all sufferings, that is, to be born again and again in the cycle of rebirth.

I would like to stress to all Dharma Practitioners (Kammathana Practitioners) that the principle of truth is in our very own breathing which we must distinguish that which type of breathing that can be used to combat sufferings. Once any Kammathana Practitioners realise this truth, undoubtedly he/she will be free from sufferings.

In conclusion, I would like to pray to the Triple Gems, the Powers of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as well as all the Gods and Goddesses and all the sacred beings residing in the whole Universe together with the fruition of my Dharma practice and all the good deeds and righteous karma that I have carried out to come and shower their blessing to all beings whether they are animal or human . May all Rupa and Nama beings to be happy and free from sufferings. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
10 Rue Paul Signac , 93420 Villepinte, FRANCE
21 October 1995