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    Luongta visited German's gate in Nov, 10th, 1995

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    Luongta visited Berlin West-German Wall

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    Luongta visited German From East to West.

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    Luongta visited German From East to West.

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    Luongta visited palace in Belgium

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    Luongta visited Luxemburg and Parliament House in Belgium

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    Luongta visited Luxemburg and Parliament House in Belgium


Dharma Tour in Germany

On 26 September 1995, I travelled to Germany to expand my Dharma knowledge and experience. Having seen most of the important places in Germany, I finally reached the so called ‘The Berlin Wall' which has been remembered worldwide. I sat down and started examining the events that happened after the Second World War. Only sad memory remains. I got stuck by what had happened. Consequently I could not find any emptiness.

What was the cause of my inability to find any emptiness?

The answer is that ‘ it was the Berlin Wall'. This ‘Wall' caused my memory to flash back and forward continuously. This ‘Wall' separated relatives from one another. This wall twisted what was right to be wrong. This Wall prevented relatives to live together. This Wall caused enormous sufferings to people of both sides of the Wall. These people keep hoping that one day, one day, they would be allowed to freely travel through the so called ‘Berlin Wall '.

Finally, on 15 September 1989, the sky was blue, the weather was fine, an emptiness has occurred at this place. The thickness of these concrete walls could not withhold human feelings and emotions. Finally, these walls were smashed into pieces to allow an emptiness to occur. Where an emptiness has occurred, there will be peace. These events have reinforced my Dharma faith. It does not matter how long it may take, whenever an emptiness has occurred, undoubtedly peace, satisfaction and understanding will follow.

These people waited for 40 years before they could have peace. Their patience has reminded me of one of the Dharma sayings ‘No peace is greater than sincere understanding of one another' which is the source of human civilisation and development on this earth. I am very happy to have seen the German people who loved peace more than anything else to be able to freely see one another again.. It took them 40 years to wait for this moment of great happiness.

The 15th day of September 1989 was the brightest day for them . It was a memorable day of those who have been waiting for peace and love which is the source of great happiness. This is similar to some of the Dharma sayings ‘Light conquers Darkness; Wisdom conquers Ignorance; Right action conquers Wrong action; Love conquers Sadness; Emptiness conquers Attachment, Good deeds conquer Bad deeds, Good Karma conquers Bad Karma; Dharma conquers Adharma.

After visiting the Berlin Wall, I went to visit the place where so many thousands Jewish people were killed by poisonous gas. I saw faces of those who lost their lives at this place. I was very sad and felt sorry for them . All of them were born into this world like all of us. This reminds me of one of the Dharma sayings ‘ Sabbe Sankhara Anatta ' which means that all body formations who were born into this world are not permanent'.

This, in turn, leads me to one of Lord Buddha Teachings ‘ Sabbe Sadda Appayapassa Hontu' which means ‘all beings who were born into this world are friends in Dharma Wheel of Rebirth ( to be born, to get old, to be sick and to pass away) and they should refrain from mistreating one another. However, world beings have never stopped mistreating one another. This is the main cause of endless sufferings. If they stop mistreating one another, Emptiness will occur and then peace will occur.

This is like one of the Buddha Dharma sayings' Dharma support the World' and this makes us understand that ‘ Goodness and Righteousness can make all world beings live with one another peacefully'. It can be seen clearly that whether it is an individual, a family, a society or community or even a country and regardless of their religious belief, if they firmly adhere to Dharma Principles of Lord Buddha, they will enjoy peace.

All religions teach their devotees to refrain from mistreating one another for their own benefits. Similarly, all religions teach their devotees to differentiate between right and wrong, what is good and bad, what is suffering and happiness; and above all what is the cause of destruction to oneself, a family, a community or a nation. For an individual, the effects of one's action not only can be seen in this life but also in the life beyond.

Look at what happened to the Jewish people at the Gas Chamber. The memory still remains with us until today. On this occasion, I would like to channel all my loving kindness and all the good deeds, good karma that I have accumulated in this life time, to every single soul of the Jewish people who lost their life at this place. Also, I would like to pray to the power of the Triple Gems and every sacred Gods and Goddesses residing in the Universes, every good deeds, good karma, meditation practice, the Dharma Precepts that I have observed, to come and guide every soul of those who lost their life here to be free from all sufferings.

May every Rupa and Nama be happy and content and that ‘Anijja Vatta Sankhara Upaddavaya Dharmikko Upadsitavanilusunti Tesang Vupasamosukkho. Sabbe Sadda Malantica Malisuca Malisale Ta-Engvahang Malissami Nadime Edhasangsayo'.

May all your souls rest in peace Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
Dharma Talked at the Residence of
Mr & Mrs Chanh & Phuong DANG
Bahnhof Str 13 , 86368 Gersthofen - Augburg, GERMANY