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    Luongta visited Switzerland

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    Luongta visited Switzerland


Dharma Tour in Switzerland

Citta Dedication

Do we know where does Kilesa come from? Who creates it? According to Buddhism, Kilesa comes from feeling (Arrom). Arrom creates ‘desire‘. When we have a desire we take action.

We must have a dedicated mind in order to cultivate light in our mind. We must be patient and keep doing it until we able to know. What do we want to know? We want to know Kilesa – most powerful force over our lives. We must be extremely careful. We must be able to keep it under our control instead of it controlling us. We must be able to keep it under our control instead of it controlling is. If we are careless, it will get us and it will win. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. Kilesa occupies a very significant role in our lives. Human beings all over the world are suffering because of this Kilesa. In a way, we are its slave as it has power over us.

If our Citta is under the control of a desire, we will be unable to do anything right. Therefore, we must attempt to try to find a way to eliminate the desire. We must keep trying and trying and never give up. Looking at our Lord Buddha as an example, how many lives has he gone through before attaining Enlightenment

Buddhism is the religion of Lord Buddha. The word ‘BUD’ means ‘To know, to understand precisely what is right and what is wrong, what is appropriate or unappropriated, what is good and what is bad. It also means ‘Light. All these originated from Prince Siddhartha who, later after attaining enlightenment by himself, became Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha is the one who brings light and peace to the ‘Five Worlds’ including the world of Hell.

The Five Worlds have unquestionably accepted and recognised Lord Buddha as the Supreme Teacher. At this stage, some of you might be wondering about the ‘Five Worlds’ and may like to know what they are. From my own experience and though vigorous meditation training and practice based on the Buddha Teachings, these Five Worlds were mentioned in Buddha Vacana (the Worlds of Buddha) and Lord Buddha has allowed his disciples to make reference to them.

If whom would like to know, please come in the Buddha world and start learning meditation and you will know where the five worlds are. I can not show you. Because it is not my Dharma. It is the Buddha Dharma. Who would like to know, please take action by yourselves. It is very hard but it is not very hard. Why? Because the Buddha Dharma sayings " Viriya Usaha" which means " To try again and again, one day you will reach it "

Written by Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21 October 1996
The capital of Switzerland