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    Luongta Chanhpy visited White House, (USA).

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    Luongta visited John F.Kennedy Island in USA

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    Luongta visited John F.Kennedy Island in USA

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Dharma Tour in United State of America

‘It is time to Wake Up - The World is the Source of
Nature and Sciences - Comprising of Good and Bad'

Lord Buddha once said that ‘ Loke Anudharang' Dharma support the world. The world will be a lovely place to live if we know Dharma. The original meaning of the world ‘Dharm' is ‘Nature' which already exists in the world and within the creation of the world of the Sankhara and of the Rupa-Nama. As for ‘Dharma - it is Dharma Anandha - it has no Sankhara (bodiless). Righteousness is bodiless as well as Sankhara is bodiless as Sankhara rises and disintegrates and this is why we call it bodiless. Once it disintegrates there is nothing left except ‘ Emptiness'. The body cannot be found. It has a body only when it is still alive. When passing away there is no life. This is why we call it bodiless. Whoever accumulates good karma (righteousness) will receive phala (fruits of their actions) . Righteousness inside our body we call it ‘ internal wealth' which cannot be given to anyone, and which also is bodiless.

I would like to give you an example. Our Lord Buddha, he was born in this world. He accumulated all his righteousness in this world. He became Bodhisatva in this world. He accumulated all his merits in this world. He attained Enlightenment in this world and he also passed away in this world.

Materially speaking, Sciences advance according to human needs whereas ‘Nature' which is comprising of Earth-Water-Wind -Fire-Air-Mountains- Forests-Rocks/pebbles-Sands and the environment in this world as well as our physical body-Rupa Nama are from the Nature. Righteousness is Nature. To be born is Nature. To get old is Nature. To get sick is Nature. To pass away is also Nature. All these are elements of Nature. Nobody can create or stop them.

When it is time to be born, it will be born. When it is time to die, it will die. Nobody can delay or stop it. If we want to know, we must wake up. If we are not awakened, how can we know. Another thing is that, if we want to know, if we want to see, if we want to understand we must wake up first before we can see, understand and know. This is the Awakened of our Lord Buddha. He was awakened in the Right, Precious and Liberated Way. Liberated from all Delusion and Ignorance without any doubts whatsoever. The awakened of Lord Buddha is supreme.

On the other hand, Awakened in the Wrong Way is the awakened of Phra Devadhat whose mind was full of jealousy and hatred. He was jealous and envious of the success and popularity of Lord Buddha which caused him to harassed Lord Buddha in many ways. I would want to go into details of his actions and their outcomes? This awakened is in the Wrong Way. All the karma (actions) carried by Phra Devadhat is in this world. All the punishments Phra Devadhat had received, were in this world, but not in Heaven or in any other worlds of Brahma.

Therefore, from these examples, can be seen very clearly that ‘good-bad, righteousness-unrighteousness, happiness-suffering and so on are all arising from ourselves. We are the ones who create them in this world, but not in Heaven or in any other worlds of Brahma. Therefore, we must wake up otherwise we will not be able to differentiate which way is the right way or the wrong way. We must wake up from being ignorant, being selfish, from taking advantage of others without realising, from believing that we know more than others.

Here I would like to briefly explain the meaning and the danger of the word IGNORANCE/DELUSION/FALSE BELIEVE . It is the source of decay and sufferings of the things we have carried in our life. The result of being ignorant is unhappy, sad, depressed. We tend to possess a false believe that:

  • We are better than anyone else
  • We are right whereas others are wrong.
  • Whatever materials possession we have are better than someone's else
  • Others are ignorant and stupid.


Being ignorant is the source of misunderstanding among friends and group of people in the community. It is time for all of us to wake up. Once we wake up we will able to know everything that we want to know and understand. We will be able to know what we really want. We will be able to know where we are going. We will be able to know happiness and sadness. We will be able to know our feelings (Arrom) which is very important in Dharma practice. Once we know we will be free from all delusion. We will have wisdom. We will know the principles of Truth. In Buddhism, Ignorance/Stupidity is Avijja. Why do we talk behind someone's back? Why do we think that we are better than anyone else? It is because we are stupid. Once we wake up we will be a person with a balanced mind who can make good contributions to others and the society. The community will be good when all of us know how to control and maintain our own feelings and at the same time understanding the feelings of other people as well. Human beings has the same feelings. The only difference is responsiveness - quick or slow.

Finally, I hope I have explained the meaning of ‘ It is Time to Wake Up' to all of you and it is up to you to reason for yourself whether or not it is time to wake up. You make your own decision. May you all be happy and free from sufferings. Sadhu Sadhu.

Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
Malden (Boston) Massachusetts - USA
February 1997