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    Luongta visited Malaysia

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    Luongta and his malaysian's sponsor. He had been here for two times.

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    Luongta took a rest and be happy by nature in Malaysia


Dharma Tour in Yaho State, Malaysia


According to Lord Buddha’s Teaching, the principles of emptiness is as follows:-

‘Sunyatta Buddho’ : This means Lord Buddha has emptiness – Empty because Lord Buddha has set an example for all of us to follow. Lord Buddha has sacrificed everything. Lord Buddha is empty therefore we take Buddho to be our ‘Arammana – an object of consciousness’ in our Vipassana practice as Lord Buddha has done.

‘Sunyatta Dharmo’: This means Dharma is empty. Dharma can be practiced by anyone at any time or place. It has no limit. Whoever practices Dharma he or she will be free from sufferings. A king can practice Dharma, a beggar can practice Dharma as well because Dharma is empty and that is why it is called ‘Sunyatta Dharmo’.

‘Sunyatta Sangho: This means the Sangha is empty. It is empty because the Sangha has sacrificed everything and embodied the monastery. The Sangha knows that the Sankhara (body) is empty. When it is born it will eventually die. Death is nothingness or emptiness. The Sangha, just like anyone of us, are from the Sankhara (body formation). The Sankhara feels hot, cold, pain, old and finally the Sankhara will pass away. When we are still alive, we should know and understand the Sankhara and we should not be misled by the Sankhara otherwise this will lead us to sufferings.

* If you are still not convinced that this is not so, you should practice Dharma until your Citta is liberated, then you will be convinced.

I would like to let you know again about the usefulness of an emptiness. Dharma will not develop (occur) anywhere except in an empty Citta. The word ‘Emptiness’ also means. ‘Have time’. Similarly ‘No emptiness means No time’. You can go to a temple or a monastery, to listen to a Dharma talk and you can understand other people talking, this means that you are empty. Empty in the sense that it is not harassing other people, and it is not being selfish. Compassion is also an emptiness. You want other people to be happy is also an emptiness. If you want to give something to someone, you should start with an emptiness; if you still have something troubling your Citta you will be unable to do anything as emptiness is the most important factor in the Citta.

I would like to give an example about compassion so that you will understand better. Happiness which is derived from compassion is the real happiness which all human beings as well as all Gods and Goddesses including Indra, Brahma and all beings regardless of sizes and shapes have striving to realise it. It is the truth in Dharma Teachings which Lord Buddha has realised it and then showed his message to all beings for the past 2538 years and this teaching will continue to be in existence for another 5000 years. A country, which has no wars, its population is happy, its territory is abundantly full of natural resources. This country lives in an emptiness because its people are not killing one another. This country has Dharma and Dharma brings happiness.

Before wishing other to be happy- our Citta should be empty – empty from misunderstanding, from encouraging bad feelings between friends and acquaintances. We should attempt to make our Citta to be filled with loving kindness and compassion and supporting all others to be happy. This is what is known as a person with high level of Dharma or a person who sees Dharma. High In? High in not being selfish, not seeks personal revenge. This is the way to make our Citta empty. Emptiness is the source of happiness in the world that we have been searching for.

All of the life wish to be happy, to live long life, to understand each other and live together by emptiness. Why? Because if it is without emptiness in the mind, there will be no happiness, no kindness and they can not live together. That is the Lord Buddha teachings. The Buddha Pali sayings " Metta Karuna " which means to be kind to life by life, no matter they are human beings or animals. All have the same feeling.

Written By Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21 August 1996
Yaho state, Malaysia