• That-luang1

    Luongta offered blessing posture "Phra Arunxay" to
    "Wat That Luang" Canberra, Australia

  • That-luang2

    All Buddhamamaka enjoyed Dharma talk by Luongta

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    The certficate of Gift

  • That-luang4

    The certficate of Gift


Gift of Buddhist Images to Buddhist Center Canberra

In conclusion Luongta had offered Buddha images , Dharma books and other things to Wat That Luang for three times which can be clarified as follows.

  1. Donated 3,000 AUD $ and offered 1 Kong, 3 Kong Hang Drum
  2. Offered Buddha statues which are 1 Buddha statue named Phra Arunxay 500 kg, 1 Buddha statue named Phra Xayyat 9 inches and 1 Buddha named Phra Xay 7 inches
  3. Offered 3 sets of Attha, 3,000 Dharma books together with three Buddha statues which are one dragon Buddha and two of Phra Mokala and Phra Salybut 1.2 meters high