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    Luongta offered the Buddha's enlightenment on the
    seventh headed naga to Ajarn Saly Sourintha 's temple in Sydney

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    The Certificate of Gift

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    The Certificate of Gift


Gift of Buddhist Images to Venerable Saly Sourintha

Luongta offered 1 set of 30 inches Naga Buddha, 1 set of 9 gram Gong, 1 set of Buddha table, three sets of 9 inches Phra Chinarat, 1 set of 30 inches Phra Say, two blessing Buddha, 1 set of 9 inches Sunday Buddha, 1 set of 9 inches Monday Buddha, 1 set of 9 inches sleeping Buddha, 2 sets of 9 inches meditation Buddha, 7 sets of 5 inches Buddha, 500 Dharma books, 2 sets of Attha, cash 500 AUD on date 13 September 1997.

The aforementioned items Luongta offered to Samnac Song Ajarn Saly Sourintha, Greenvalley road, Green Valley.

In the year 2002 Luongta offered 3 Maha Kathina to Ajarn Saly Sourintha and on behalf of Ajarn Saly Luongta brought the Maha Kathina to Lao and offered to Wat Ban Hat Kam Hiang 1 set, Wat Ban Pon Pang 1 set and Wat ban Nhong Pham 1 set and also offer cash 2100 AUD.

All the good things Luongta has done for Buddhist Phra Buddha Sasana, he would like to leave all with you. Sadhu Anumo Thami