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    Luongta visited Rome, Italy

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    LuongTa visited Rome, Italy


Dharma Tour in Rome, Italy


In any ceremony performed either by one Buddhist monk or a number of monks, they invite through their prayers all Gods and Devas residing in all directions whether in the sky or on earth to come and witness the ceremony and to listen to the Buddha Teachings. They include Indra, Brahma, Phra Naga and Garuda Yommaraj, Catuloka. The prayer in Pali goes like this: - Siddhi Brahma ca Indhra ca Catuloka Bhiraggaka Samudha Bhudhaganggaca. These Five Worlds are:-

(1)Brahma Loka or Brahma World – Brahma accepts and recognises Lord Buddha as the Supreme Teacher

(2) Deva Loka or World Deva – Indra and all the Gods and Goddesses accept and recognise Lord Buddha as the Supreme Teacher

(3) Naga Loka – World of Nagas and Garudas – They also accept and recognise Buddha as the Supreme Teacher

(4) Human World – All human beings in the world we are living in recognise and accept Lord Buddha as one of the most important and influential persons.

(5) Catuloka – World of Lord of Hell also accepts and recognises Lord Buddha as the Supreme Teacher

These Five Worlds were mentioned in Buddhism. They recognise and accept that Prince Siddhartha after attaining enlightenment by himself became Lord Buddha who brought his Dharma to the world. The Dharma of Lord Buddha is a Reality which teaches all living beings to find happiness by themselves. The happiness that Lord Buddha has given to us is the Supreme Happiness, the Real Happiness which is called in Pali as ‘Borommasukka’

The Borommasukka is the Emptiness which we have been looking for. The Citta is absolutely free from all attachments. The Citta is in a state of tranquillity and peacefulness. This is the Real Happiness. Happiness beyond everything. The Citta is free. The Citta has finally escaped from everything. The Citta has nothing left except Nibbana which is the Supreme Happiness of the Citta. The Citta is now classified as ‘Vimutti’. Lord Buddha has spent some time contemplating the ‘Vimutti Sukka’under the Maha Bodhi Tree which embraces a most significant part in Buddhism even now.
All the Lord Budhha teachings I bring to you is true. How can I claim that? Because I use the time to practise and learn from the beginning when I was ten years old and until now. That is what I would like to leave all with you.

Written by Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21 November 1998
in Rome, Italy