• Khmer Buddhist Centre1

    Luongta offered Buddha images to Khmer Buddhist Centre, Springvale Road, Springvale South, Victoria, Australia

  • Khmer Buddhist Centre2

    Luongta offered 21 sets of Attha to Buddhist monks at Khmer Buddhist Centre

  • Khmer Buddhist Centre3

    All Monks were chanting

  • Khmer Buddhist Centre4

    The certificate of Gift

  • Khmer Buddhist Centre5

    The certificate of Gift


Gift of Buddhist Images to Khmer Buddhist Centre

Luongta offered one Naga Buddha 220 cm high, 500 Kg and 21 sets of Attha, 21 sets of monk robe and monk bowl to Temple Khmer Buddhist Center Inc.

All the good things he has done for Phra Buddha Sasana by offering to temple Khmer Buddhist Center Inc. 458-460 Springvale Road, Springvale South, Victoria, Melbourne 3172 Australia on 5th September,1999. He would like to leave all with you. Sadhu Anumo Thami.