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    Certificate of Receipt from Chiangrai Payanukul School

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    Certificate of Receipt from Chiangrai Payanukul School

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    Certificate of Receipt from Chiangrai Payanukul School

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    Certificate of Receipt from Chiangrai Payanukul School

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    Luongta donated 2000 Baht together with some dessert to Chianrai Panyanukul School

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    Certificate of Receipt from Surk Sa Song Kor Mae Chanh School

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    Dharma talk to teacher and students

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    Luongta donated 300 AUD together with some necessary things to Surk Sa Song Kor Mae Chanh School. In total Luongta donated 39600 Thai Baht to school on 21 December 2012.


Dharma Tour in Northern Part of Thailand, 2011

84,000 Phra Dharma Khana

The Buddha saying "In Buddhist Phra Buddhasatsana Karma is Number (1)" that will be born all the same steps with all human or animal lives. Karma come from the past, come into the future and now will be born all the time that we must be carefull not to make hard life that the Buddha Dharma blessing " Bring the kindness to all lives "

The teachings of Lord Buddha have 84,000 Phra Dharma Khana. It is the foundation which Lord Buddha has laid down for all of us to follow. They are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Paths. Whichever we want to follow, we can make a decision ourself. To decide, we have to use our wisdom.

Our wisdom can be found in our breathing which we can use to reduce our sufferings. Reduce sufferings does not simply mean hanging Lord Buddha statues around your neck, or by sleeping on Lord Buddha teachings. This is not so. The way to eliminate or reduce our sufferings is to have faith. Faith in Dharma, Goodness and Righteousness. Our Sankhara is temporary. It rises and falls. It is Anicca. It is Dukkha. Dukkha is just like passing time.

In the morning, it is fresh and lively, in the afternoon, when the weather is a bit hot, it is uneasy, in the evening, when the weather cools down, it is fresh and lively again.

This is similar to conditions of our Sankhara. After we were born and reached adulthood, let us say, by the age of 30, we were full of desires which are about 70% on the bad karma side and 30% on the good karma side.

As we are getting older, let us say, by the age of 40-50, our way of thinking starts to change. We tend to do more kusala karma as we wish to attain Nibbana. I would say 70% on the good karma side and 30% on the bad karma side. As we are getting older again , let us say, to about 60-90. Our way of thinking changes again. The thought of doing bad karma is almost zero. Many would prepare to dress in white and attend Dharma talks and listen to Sangha regularly.

Our life is so short. Not many live to 100 years old. It will not be long before we pass away. Our life is not like time or a clock or a watch. A watch, when the battery dies, we can replace it, but our youth once it has gone, it is irreplaceable. It is impossible to know when we are going to die. Our karma is the indication. This is similar to the three hands on the clock. The biggest hand moves slowly, while the smallest hand moves even faster than the biggest hands. It does not matter whether these hands move fast or slow, they have a common destination, that is to make one turn around the clock from seconds to minutes, to hours, to days and so on.

This is similar to death. It is happening all the time. Some die at early age, others die when they get old. Some die before they have not even been born. Death is inescapable. This is just like the time, that is, 365 days to be 1 year. Nothing can change this fact.

The Buddha 's teachings:

Sabbe Satta Avera Hontu - all beings may they be free from sufferings.
Sabbe Satta Apphaya Bacha Hontu - all beings may they have free time and are happy
Sabbe Satta Sukkhi Sukkhi - all being may they be free, healthy and live a long life. No one wants to have problems and sufferings come to themselves.
Ahung Sukkhi - all beings they wish for a safe life, long life, and to be healthy and happy forever. But the Karma is very strong, no one can stop it. When the good karma comes to them they are more happy. When the bad karma comes, it makes them suffer more. As humans they need to not involved life. Please understand each other and live together, and make your happy;

Written by Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21st March 1997
Wat Ban Phra Khao
Muang Xaythany Vientiane, Laos

*Luongta had been here three times.