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    Luongta visited England

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    Luongta visited England

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    Luongta visited Bukkingham Palace in London


Dharma Tour in London

Human being life is very short. Not many can live for a hundred years.
To come and to leave is by nature. No one can stop when the end of the life 's time come and finally we have to leave.

The Buddha Dharma "Anatta" (emptiness) is very useful and important. Because Dharma will not occur anywhere except in the emptiness. Therefore I would like to bring some of the Lord Buddha teachings to you who would like to know. What the Dharma I bring to you, let us say"The life of all human and all animals". To be born, to get old, to be sick and to pass away will come to all of us sooner or later.

I came to London and I had the opportunity to visit the Big Bell Tower where I took a rest and reflected on Lord Buddha Dharma teachings. I heard the sound of the Big Bell which was similar to the fruition of human being karma.

For example Lord Buddha has found the way for all world beings to escape from suffering. The time has passed but Buddhism is still in existence. In dharma practice, one of the most important factor is knowledge. Where are the breathings which we can not briefly describe ?

All I am asking here is for all of who would like to keep practising Vippasana to search for Pananusati as the foundation. It is a mistake to think that we only breath through our nostrils as we have not yet acquired wisdom. We have to keep searching for the truth and if we are unable to find it, we will find ourselves in an ocean of suffering - (suffering in Rupa, Sad, Gandha, Rasa and Phodhabbha. When our eyes see, our feeling (Arrom) arises and this leads to the desire. When we have desires, we suffer Dukkha which is the fruition of what our eyes had seen. Eyes are the source of all desires which are Kiles. You will know by using your wisdom.

When the life is still breathing then the body still alive because of emptiness.
When it is without emptiness then it is no breathing and it is the time of the end of the life.

The Dharma "Anatta" (emptiness) is very useful and important. Because Dharma will not occur anywhere except in the emptiness. Therefore it can be stated that Dharma is from the emptiness in our Citta. It is a mistake to think that Kilesa is from our Citta, in actual fact, it is from our eyes and then follow up by feeling (AROM) and desires, which in turn, cause the body to Phodhabbha (touch). When Phodhabbha is made, a final feeling arises and the Citta will use wisdom to examine the causes and effects of that feeling.

When a right action happen, our happiness, contentment, peace will follow. We will be satisfied and full of happiness which is called in Pali that the Citta is without any doubts, any sadness or discontent. This is why wisdom is very important in Dharma practice. If we lack wisdom, our Citta will decline. Why? Because of Avijja (ignorance) which is darkness.

If we do something wrong, it is called bad Karma. It is Dukkha which is Akusala and turn in to sinful. As a result, we will suffer. We will be sad. We will be unhappy. We will be restless. We will be discontent and unsatisfied. All of which are Vedhana. If we are unable to escape from Vedhana, the Citta will keep suffering until all fruition of bad karma were served. Then we will see light.

If our wisdom is able to catch up with Sati. Undoubtedly we will never commit bad karma. There is a saying in Buddha Pali "Sampano Sukkhato" which means either to be happy or to be able to get rid off suffering for Vimutti to be developped is not anywhere else. But it is inside oneself with one 's breathing. If we can find that kind of breathing, it means we will the awakened one. If we do not wake up, we will never know that we are hungry. Once waking up, we will know. When we know , we will keep on doing in order to enjoy the fruition of our right efforts.

Dharma be born in your mind but not from the feeling by temper or not from the ignorance

Many people, when they sit down, close their eyes and meditate, they think they know the stars, the moon, hell and heaven and become Arahant. In actual fact, this is ignorant. They are lost in darkness, they are lost in an ocean of desires which include to be better than anyone else, or to attain Nibbana. Lord Buddha passed away more than 2539 years ago, who can witness that such a person has become an Arhant. Lord Buddha always said that ‘ Do not be negligent and claim to be the Realised One, but just keep practising Kammathana Vipassana then enjoy the fruition of happiness'.

There is no other happiness than the Boromma Sukkha - Happiness of all Happiness. However, human beings always mistake their own doings. They mistake that they are more knowledgeable than others. They mistake that they have found Lord Buddha. These days, what we have found are Lord Buddha's statues which are made of bronze, cement, stone or clay and so on. These statues are Lord Buddha's representatives.

Nobody knows where is Lord Buddha. According to my experiences and understanding. Lord Buddha is in the Goodness and Righteousness. Where is the Righteousness? It is in the Citta. Lord Buddha is not in the bronze, cement or clay statues. He is in the Goodness and the Righteousness ( Right Understanding, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration) .

Lord Teachings of Lord Buddha has 84,000 Phra Dharma Khana. It is the foundation which Lord Buddha has laid down for all of us to follow. They are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Whichever way we want to follow, we can make a decision ourself. To decide, we have to use our wisdom.

Our wisdom can be found in our breathing which we can use to reduce our sufferings. Reducing sufferings does not simply means hanging Lord Buddha statues around your neck, or by sleeping on Lord Buddha teachings . This is not so. The way to eliminate or reduce our sufferings is to have faith. Faith in Dharma, Goodness and Righteousness. Listen to and Rely on Dharma, Goodness and Righteousness. Our Sankhara is temporary. It rises and falls. It is Anicca. It is Dukkha. Dukkha is just like passing time. In the morning, it is fresh and lively, in the afternoon, when the weather is bit hot, it is uneasy, in the evening, when the weather cools down, it is fresh and lively again.

This is similar to conditions of our Sankhara. After we were born and reached adulthood, let us say, by the age of 30, we are full of desires which is about 70% on the bad karma side and 30% on the good karma side. As we are getting older, let say, by the age of 40-50, our way of thinking starts to change. We tend to do more good karma by attending religious ceremony more often than before. We want to have peace and tranquillity. We tend to do more Kusala karma as we wish to attain Nibbana. I would say 70% on the good karma side and 30% on the bad karma side. As we are getting older again, let us say, to about 60-90. Our way of thinking changes again. The thought of doing bad karma is almost zero. Many would prepare to dress in white and attend Dharma talks and listen to the Sangha regularly. Our life is so short. Not many live to 100 years old. It will not be long before we pass away. Our life is not like a time or a clock or a watch. A watch, when the battery dies, we can replace it, but our youth, once it has gone we cannot replace it.

Similarly, our life, once it has gone, we cannot replace it. It is impossible to know when we are going to die. Our karma is the indication. This is similar to the three hands on the clock. The biggest hand will move very slow, the middle hand would move faster than the biggest hand while the smallest would move even faster than any of the two biggest hands. It does not matter whether these hands move fast or slow, they have a common destination, that is to make one turn around the clock from seconds to minutes, hours, days and so on.

This is similar to death. It is happening all the time. Some die at early age, others die when they get old. Some die before they have not even been born. Death is inescapable. This is just like the time, that is, 365 days to be one year. Nothing can change this fact. This is like one of the Lord Buddha sayings ‘ Sousutsang Latipanyang ' which means ‘ To listen' . It means ‘Listen good, do good - eliminate sufferings'. On the other hand, ‘ Listen wrong, do wrong - accumulate sufferings'. In conclusion, it is ourselves that matters. Likewise, the three hands of the clock all depends on the axle in the middle. Without the central axle, they cannot move.

What you practise is not my Dharma principle. But it is the Lord Buddha 's Dharma principle. I would like to offer to you who wish to enjoy the Buddha Dharma 's teachings. In conclusion, I would like to wish all of you who gather here today to listen to Lord Buddha Dharma to be happy and be successful in your life. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

Dharma will not occur anywhere else except just only the emptiness mind by wisdom.

Written By Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
Dharma Tour in London on 16th August,1995.