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    Luongta visited Thai Embassy in Newzealand.


Dharma Tour in Newzealand


Desire has been in existence for so long. Once you were born you bring it with you. A child wants to eat, drink, sleep, and to be loved and so on. Once he reaches a certain age, let us say, by the age of Seven, he expands his desire.

Desire starts once you wake up in the morning or any time of the day. Once your eyes are open, your desire begins. What do you desire? You want to wash your face, you want to eat, you want to take something, you want to speak, you want to gain something, you want to be good and you want to be happy. These are some of your desires. Your desire along with your breath combine with your feeling, they will never end. They will continue until the day you pass away.

For your daily desire, having completed your evening meal, normally you go to bed, but your desire still persists. Until you cannot tolerate your desire any longer, you went to sleep. Once you are asleep, you are dreaming about your desires. Once you are awake, you desire again. The more you desire, the more sufferings you will experience in your life. Therefore, your desires are similar to your body being tied-up with strings. The more you want to untie yourself by moving your arms and legs, the more you become entangled. We must slowly untie our desires with intelligence and wisdom and then we will see happiness. The source of happiness is not from accumulating wealth, but from accumulating peace (‘santi’) and tranquillity.

Wisdom and Awareness which have been obtained from an empty mind is the source of peace and tranquillity. In turn, it is called ‘Boromma Sukha’ which was described in Dharma teachings by Lord Buddha. There is no other Happiness than ‘Vimutti Sukha’. This is because the mind has finally escaped from all the Kilesa, Tanha, Desire and what is left with the mind is an Emptiness, which is ‘Vimutti Sukha, that is Boromma Sukha’.

Our Daily Desire has two aspects:-

  1. Desire to attain Nibbana is not Kilesa or not sinful as this desire is for an emptiness which is not classified as ‘Dukkha’(suffering),
  2. Desire, which has been caused by Kilesa, is ‘Dukkha’ (suffering) as it is this Kilesa that creates and maintains this Desire and therefore, it is sinful.

There is no any happiness than the happiness that the Citta has liberated itself of all the Kilesa. A liberated Citta is an empty Citta.This is why we have been practicing vigorously in order to liberate our Citta of all the Kilesa. If we do not know the way out from the Kilesa how can our Citta be liberated.

Why does human beings have not much happiness? Because It is from the suffering. Where is the suffering from? It is from the endless desire of human beings. That is the Buddha saying "Matchima Patipatha". You have to use the medium way to make you be happy and to lower your suffering. That is my opinion I would like to bring to you by the Lord Buddha teaching. How can you find out the way to make you be happy? Please enjoy.

Written by Luongta Chanhphy Manivong
21 November 1999
Thai Embassy in capital of Newzealand