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    Blessing Buddha, LuongPoo Mon Dhok


Gift of Buddhist Images to Temple Malden MA and Temple Wat Tennessee

Blessing Buddha, LuongPoo Mon Dhok, which is 210 cm high, 200 cm long and 200 cm wide, weight 500 kg casted from yellow bronze together with Phra Tai Pi Dok 99 volumes offered to Wat Dhammadaram, USA, by Mr.Khampheth Dathsada, Manager of solar enterprises,4724 58th.Ave., St.Petersburg, FL 3371, USA, Phone 813 5279158 on behalf of LuongTa, 21st March, 1998

Luongta also sent 1 kong 9 kam to temple Malden, MA on behalf of Khampoua Navarangsy & Mr. Thou Maharath, 70-72 Linwood street, Malden, MA 02148-7127 USA, phone (617) 321 3724 and LuongTa sent 1 kong 9 kam to temple Wat Tennessee, on behalf of Mr. Noukane Souriyavongsa, DOW Dr Antioch T.N. 37013 USA. The aforementioned items are what LuongTa had done for Buddhist Phra Buddha Sasana and he would like to offer to you to make you be happy and be free from suffering.